Nordic seminar on chemical additives in plastic as environmental concern in the Nordic countries

16 November 2023


In a world where plastic production is steadily increasing, our awareness of the environmental risks associated with plastics has become more crucial. Concerns have arisen not only due to additives in plastics but also regarding the chemicals that make up plastic; information is still needed on their impact and properties. Additionally, there is apprehension about the role of plastics in the long-range transport of pollutants to the Arctic region. Furthermore, the heightened focus on a circular economy and increased recycling might result in the reoccurrence of legacy pollutants.

As we navigate through the challenges posed by plastics, we aim to foster an open exchange of information. With an overarching goal to address the evolving landscape of plastics and chemical additives, our seminar seeks to discuss the following questions:

  • Which chemicals are present in plastics?
  • To what extent are chemicals of concern transported via long range transport of plastics
  • Which plastics related chemicals should be considered for Nordic screening exercises and/or environmental monitoring?


Stockholm, Sweden

Files available for download: